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wisdom comes with winters


May 23, 1983 — This photo of a space shuttle simulation session shows the seating arrangements for the launch and landing of mission STS-7. Left to right are astronauts Bob Crippen, Fred Hauck, Sally Ride, and John Fabian (though he is barely visible). (NASA)


Archway of books x

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A selection of works by sci-fi illustrator Frank Kelly Freas (1922-2005).

(Golden Age)

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As the Apollo 13 mission blasts off from Cape Canaveral on April 11, 1970, NASA controllers in the Kennedy Space Center firing room carefully monitor the launch via an amazing array of vintage technology.


i feel like every episode of ‘cosmos’ should end with this disclaimer 

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The Grand Temple at Karnak, Egypt, 1870s, courtesy of the New York Public Library.

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Colour me convinced.

go for the po’ boy, stay for the sign

" He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy. "

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Yoshimitsu wins

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